“Alfiere Italico – Wine” the worldwide framework


“Alfiere Italico – Wine” the worldwide framework

The IICCI strategy in the wine industry is based on an innovative initiative jointly promoted by Assocamerstero and ICMQ Istituto: the certification scheme for persons “Alfiere Italico - wine”.


Certification of Persons is a means of providing assurance that a person attending a training course meets the requirements of a certification scheme. Confidence in the respective certification schemes is achieved by means of a globally accepted process of assessment, subsequent surveillance and periodic re-assessments of the competence of certified person.


Alfiere Italico aims at attesting the competence of professional Italian Wine Promoters by combining the knowledge of the product and the ability of presenting what is “beyond a bottle”: Italy’s territories, history, culture, values.


The pillars of the certification scheme are the following:

  1. An Italian Institution (the network of 76 Italian Chambers of Commerce in the World) to promote and market the scheme
  2. A set of competences laid down in Italy by Italian Stakeholders in the Wine Industry (manufacturers, sommeliers, academia, operators, institutions)
  3. A certification process compliant with an International standard (ISO 17024)
  4. A recognized third party body (ICMQ Institute) certifying persons
  5. No conflict of interest: whoever will handle training courses (the CCIE) will not certify and vice-versa


The first step: the Angels of Italian Wine in India

The first initiative of the IICCI has been the recent launch in Mumbai of the Awareness Program for the project “Angels of Italian Wine in India – Training Programs for Experts of Italian Wine Culture”.

The first Awareness Program “Italian Wine Angel” achieved the following results:


  • 25 participants: representatives from hotels and restaurants, magazines, wine importers, retailers, people passionate about Italy
  • Outstanding faculties (Subash Arora is an internationally recognized expert in Italian wine)
  • Excellent support provided by ENIT (Italian Tourism Agency), Trident – Oberoi (IICCI sponsor of this initiative) and Aspri Spirits and Kiara Wines (wine importers and distributors in India)
  • Excellent feedback from participants.


The Awareness Course program has confirmed the growing interest for an international community of recognized professionals in promoting products along with the uniqueness of Italian Culture, suitably trained by an Italian institution abroad: the Indo Italian Chamber of Commerce and Industry.